Selecting magnificent places in the Adriatic

There are choices in life that make you feel free and liberated.

We select magnificent places for you in the Adriatic, creating an aura of perfection to relax the mind and body, giving you the weightless feeling of loveliness. This feeling suppresses stress and fatigue, and inspires change. The transformation begins as soon as you set your eyes on our villas.

We select the most beautiful villas for you in Dubrovnik and on islands such as Lošinj, Hvar and Vis. We choose places that exude comfort, beauty, and uniqueness. We choose happiness, tranquility and relaxation.

Let your daydreaming begin. Because with us, daydreams become reality.

Meet our local connoisseurs

Villa Owners

Our Villa owners are the powerful force behind creating the beautiful homes we represent. They are people who understand the importance of details. Every view and each corner has been carefully created, and every situation accounted for.

We truly believe that working closely and in synergy with our owners is the only way to provide highest level of service to our clients.

Supporting Staff

We believe that one of the main benefits of our villas is our supporting staff. Whether is a gardener, housekeeping or maintenance, they are highly-trained and work together to ensure there are no glitches during your stay. If there are any preferences in regards to cleaning, room set up, or pool temperature, our property managers will communicate it with the team.

Property Managers

Our property managers are here to oversee every detail in the villa, as well as your itinerary. Whether it is organizing cleaning, airport transfer, chef dinner or a helicopter ride, our property managers are happy to assist and add a touch of luxury to your experience.